Sweetarts Ropes Tangy Strawberry - 5oz (141g) BB - 31/12/23

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Sweetarts Ropes Tangy Strawberry - 5oz (141g) Best Before - 31/12/23

Sweetarts Ropes Tangy Strawberry are a delightful twist on the classic Sweetarts candy, offering a soft and chewy texture that's a departure from the original hard tablets. These ropes feature a deliciously tangy strawberry outer layer that encapsulates a sweet, creamy filling, providing a harmonious balance of flavours with every bite. The tanginess of the strawberry is vibrant and zesty, invoking the essence of ripe, summer strawberries with a mouth-puckering twist.
The ropes are pliable and fun to eat, making them a popular choice for snacking, sharing, or even using as an inventive topping for desserts. The bright pink colour of the candy is visually appealing, and the texture is satisfyingly chewy without being overly sticky. Sweetarts Ropes Tangy Strawberry are perfect for those who enjoy a combination of sweet and tart flavours and appreciate a candy that's both flavourful and texturally interesting. Whether you're indulging in a movie night treat or simply seeking a sweet afternoon pick-me-up, these ropes are sure to add a burst of tangy strawberry delight to your day.

Imported from the USA.