Candy Castle Crew Mr Squeezy Pop - 40g

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Candy Castle Crew's Mr. Squeezy Pop is an innovative confection that creatively combines the concept of a lollipop with gel candy, offering a unique and interactive candy experience. Available in three tantalising flavours – Blue Raspberry, Green Apple, and Strawberry – each Mr. Squeezy Pop consists of a lollipop paired with a tube of flavourful gel candy. This design allows consumers to enjoy the lollipop on its own or enhance its taste by squeezing the gel candy onto it, creating a customised flavour combination.

The Blue Raspberry flavour offers a tangy and slightly tart experience, while the Green Apple provides a zesty and crisp taste, and the Strawberry brings a classic, sweet berry flavour. This variety ensures that there's a flavour to suit different preferences, and the ability to combine the lollipop with the gel candy adds an element of fun and playfulness to the snacking experience.

A flavour will be chosen at random unless specifically requested.