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The Charms Black Ice Blow Pop is an intriguing twist on the classic lollipop experience, delivering a chilling sensation and bold flavor that sets it apart from its counterparts. Known for combining the hard candy shell of a lollipop with the chewy surprise of bubble gum at its core, Blow Pops have been a beloved treat for generations. The Black Ice variant, however, takes things up a notch with its unique taste and cooling effects.

On the exterior, you're met with a glossy, dark candy shell. As you delve into its flavours, the mysterious "Black Ice" name begins to make sense: this isn’t your typical fruity lollipop. Instead, you're greeted by a cool, minty flavour with a hint of sweetness that’s almost reminiscent of a winter breeze. As the hard candy exterior melts away, you're introduced to the chewy bubble gum centre, continuing the icy mint experience while adding a fun, chewable dimension. Whether you're seeking a refreshing palate cleanser or just in the mood for a candy that offers a blend of coolness and sweetness, Charms Black Ice Blow Pop promises an invigorating and memorable treat.

Imported from the USA.