Rips Mix Sour Strawberry & Green Apple Candy - 5.5oz (155g)

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Rips Mix Sour Strawberry & Green Apple Candy combines the tangy delights of sour strawberry and zesty green apple in a unique and tantalizing treat. These bite-sized strips of licorice are generously coated in a sweet and sour sugar coating, offering a perfect balance of fruity flavors with an exciting sour kick. The chewy texture of the licorice beneath the crunchy sugar exterior provides a satisfying contrast that candy lovers will appreciate.

Ideal for those who enjoy a burst of intense flavor, Rips Mix is perfect for sharing at parties, movie nights, or any occasion that calls for a fun and flavorful snack. The combination of sour strawberry and green apple not only tastes delightful but also adds a colorful flair to any candy dish. Whether you're a fan of sour candies or looking for something different to satisfy your sweet tooth, Rips Mix Sour Strawberry & Green Apple Candy delivers a deliciously daring snacking experience that's hard to resist.